Archetypal Lens

Archetypal Characters:

  • The hero
  • The sidekick
  • The maiden
  • The mentor
  • The villain
  • The mother figure
  • Innocent youth
  • Archetype Symbols
  • Light/Darkness
  • Water/Desert
  • Nature/Technology
  • Fire/Ice
  • Heaven/Hell
  • Forest
  • Cross Roads
  • Archetype Situations
  • Call to Adventure
  • Initiation
  • Journey
  • Tests & Trials
  • Death/Rebirth
  • Good v. evil
  • The Fall
  • Atonement

Choose one origin story out of three. As you read the text, highlight and annotate the text. Analyze the text using the archetypal lens questions:

  • Summarize each text.
  • Which characters represent archetypes? What do these characters symbolize?
  •  How does the text mirror an archetypal structure? How does the story structure affect the meaning?
  • Which symbols represent archetypes? Why are these symbols significant?
  • How do these archetypes reflect the values of society?

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